Tiko & Willow


We now stock the full range of Tiko & Willow skincare products.

These products are amazing and only the purest most natural ingredients are used. These products are not tested on animals and are 100% vegan friendly. This range is about going back to basics with our skincare products. The skincare market has been flooded with products that contain harsh chemicals but times are changing, people are more aware than ever of the dangers of chemicals being put in our bodies and on our skin.

Tiko & Willow products are made from a love and passion for the essential and carrier oils and a love of nature and what is best for us and our bodies. After studying what was actually in the expensive creams that she was using and the effects that they were having on her body Tammi in her spare time started making various products and giving them to friends  to help with their skin complaints and other ailments. The results and feedback she received were amazing. Tammi is so passionate about her skincare products this really shines through in the way she puts her products together.

Thus Tiko & Willow was born.

Tiko & Willow Deodorant peppermint or Cinnamon & Orange 3 for £10

Tiko & Willow Face Serum Dry/ Combination/ Oily/ Anti-aging £19.99

Tiko & Willow  Unisex Shaving Oil

Tiko & Willow Hair Serum

Tiko & Willow perfume

Tiko & Willow Foot Scrubs

Tiko & Willow Lip Balm

Tiko & Willow Bath Teas

Tiko & Willow Candle Moisturiser

Tiko & Willow Pamper Packs